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NonfictioNOW 2018

The Sound-Centered Essay:

How do we marshal principles of sound in our written essays? And how do principles of writing play out in our audio essays? Writers and audio producers unite on this panel to map the mutual interdependencies between aural and written. We open with a thought-experiment reversing the sound-metaphors writers traditionally rely on: in recognizing the metaphysical problems of referring to narrators as speakers, we draw on ethnomusicology to chart a new angle on narration that casts narrators as listeners. We then turn toward the craft of writing for the page, writing for radio, and producing essays in the medium of sound. We’ll discuss a pedagogy and a writing practice informed by a sound- centered consciousness, celebrating the role of the ear in the creation of text. And we’ll explore emerging styles/techniques of sound production, discussing the nuts and bolts of getting a text to “lift off” the page.

Panelists: Erin Anderson, Allison Coffelt, Corinna Cook, Noam Dorr

Earlier Event: October 19
Reading: Penn Book Center
Later Event: November 27
Reading: William Woods University